Chris Cirak / UX Architect, Entrepreneur, Educator
Design thinker and technologist with 20 years experience in UX/UI design,
web product development and entrepreneurship
• UX Advocate, Design Thinking Educator and Public Speaker
• Patent co-owner "System and Method for Authorization, Disclosure for Background Searches"
• Education: B.F.A., Recording Technology, Loyola Marymount Univ., Los Angeles, CA
Tagr, present
Shazam for Art, 2014
Social Healthcare Network, 2013
Co-Founder, CIO
Human Achievement Platform, 2013
Co-Founder, CEO
Meetup meets Groupon, 2008-2013
Co-Founder, CEO
Identity verification for the Sharing Economy, 2008
Lead Experience Architect
Immersive Video Game /, 2005-2007
UX Manager
Price transparency for automotive, 2007
Co-Founder, CTO
Real-time banner creation & management tool, 2006
Usability Firm, 2005
Co-Founder, CTO
Self-optimizing news aggregation platform, 2004
Landing page optimization framework for techno-phobes, 2003
Co-Founder, CTO
Online sweepstakes management & analytics
eUniverse, 2002
Creative Director
Online / DR marketing, 2001
Co-Founder, CEO
Interactive agency, web Development shop, 1998-1999
Online video editor / producer / director
Developed world's first live prison webcam
Architected COPS digital content delivery network, 1997
HTML Coder
Online college application platform
EisCafe Studios, 1995-1997
Co-Owner, Recording Engineer
Making the leap from analog to digital
Nike  /  Sr. Experience Architect, Corporate Responsibility
Pacsun  /  Sr. Experience Architect, Ecommerce / Online Sweepstakes
Acura  /  Sr. Experience Architect, Online Vehicle Configurator
Ford  /  Sr. Experience Architect, iPad App
Lexus  /  Sr. Experience Architect, Prototype Tech Lead, Web Dev
Mercedes-Benz AMG  /  Sr. Experience Architect, Web Dev
Nissan  /  Sr. Frontend Developer, Web Dev
Toyota  /  Sr. Experience Architect, Facebook App Dev
Truecar  /  UX Manager, Early Employee
Reuters  /  Sr. Experience Architect, iPad App Development
T-Mobile  /  Sr. Experience Architect, In-store Kiosk Redesign
Behr Paint  /  Sr. Experience Architect, Mobile App Dev
Harbor Freight Tools  /  Sr. Experience Architect, eCommerce Dev
Liberty Hardware  /  UX Lead, In-store AR Configurator App
Mattel  /  Sr. Experience Architect, Barbie Web Dev
Proctor & Gamble  /  Sr. Experience Architect, iPhone Game Development
Ronco  /  Creative Director, Catalog Design
ABC  /  Sr. Experience Architect, iPhone App for Dancing w/ the Stars
Activision  /  Sr. Experience Architect, Guitar Hero Online Sweepstakes
Antfarm  /  Multimedia Developer, CD/DVD
Blizzard Entertainment  /  UX Director, Multiple Projects
Cinram  /  Sr. Experience Architect, eBook Publishing Platform
Disney Parks & Resorts  /  Sr. Experience Architect, Visitor Dashboard
Fox Studios  /  Sr. Experience Architect, Desktop Assistant Application
Joost  /  Sr. Experience Architect, Video Platform Development
Jurassic  /  UX Lead, Immersive Movie Companion Site
Hakkasan Group  /  UX Lead, Night Club Development
Hollywood Reporter  /  Sr. Experience Architect, CMS Development
Real Entertainment  /  Sr. Frontend DevStreaming Video Portal
Revolt Nation  /  UX Lead, Responsive Streamingeloper, Streaming Video Portal
Second City  /  UX Lead, Responsive redesign
Sony  /  Sr. Experience Architect, Crackle Content Platform
Sony Pictures Television Int'l  /  Sr. Experience Architect, CMS Dev
Universal  /  UX Director, Jurassic World Website
USA Networks  /  Sr. Frontend Developer,
Yahoo  /  Sr. Experience Architect, Online Safety
Walt Disney Studios  /  Sr. Experience Architect, Digital Copy
Warner Bros.  /  Sr. Frontend Developer, Online
Wendy Show  /  UX Lead, Redesign
Ameriquest  /  Technology Mgr, Web Campaign Development
Bank of America  /  Technology Mgr, HTML Campaign Development
Nationstar  /  UX Lead, Multiple Projects
Oppenheimer  /  UX Lead, R&D for Rebranding
Jarritos  /  Sr. Experience Architect, Interactive Social Platform Dev
Starbucks  /  Sr. Experience Architect, Corporate Responsibility
UBM Fashion  /  Sr. Experience Architect, Responsive Website
Westfield Mall  /  UX Lead, Kiosk Onboarding Process
Anvita  /  Sr. Experience Architect, Web Development
Beachbody  /  Sr. Experience Architect, Web / Mobile App Development
Cedar-Sinai  /  Sr. Experience Architect, Web Dev
Centinela Hospital  /  Desktop App Developer, Charity/Fundraising
Herbalife  /  Sr. Experience Architect, Mobile Application Development
Inland Empire Health Plan  /  Sr. Web Developer, Flash Game Development
Instead  /  Sr. Experience Architect, Website Development
Adconion  /  Sr. Experience Architect, Advertising Backend CMS Development
Fathom Online  /  Sr. Frontend Developer, Web Development
FastClick  /  Sr. Frontend Developer, HTML Development
SalesForce  /  Sr. Experience Architect, Heuristic Evaluation
Avery  /  Sr. Flash Developer, Product Demo
eFax  /  Sr. Experience Architect, CMS Development
Epson  /  Graphic Designer, Website Development
MindJet  /  Sr. Experience Architect, Product Development
Stroome  /  Sr. Experience Architect, Collaborative Online Video Editing Platform
Adobe  /  Sr. Experience Architect, Product Wizard
Cisco  /  Sr. Experience Architect, Valet Product Dev
Clearwire  /  Sr. Experience Architect, Rover Puck Product Dev
Google  /  Sr. Experience Architect, Social Platform Architecture
Logitech  /  Sr. Experience Architect, eCommerce Site
Microsoft  /  Sr. Experience Architect, Xbox, Office, CRM, Halo, Citizen
nVidia  /  Sr. Experience Architect, Graphics Cards Ecommerce
Proxicom  /  Sr. Frontend Developer, Web Development
Tribal DDB  /  Technology Manager, Web Development
Alelo  /  Sr. Experience Architect, Desktop / Cross-Cultural Mobile App Development
Holland America Cruises  /  Sr. Experience Architect, Bring Onboard Experience Online
San Diego Visitors Bureau  /  Sr. Experience Architect, Tourism Platform
Villa Selat  /  UX Lead, Bali Yoga Retreat Redesign
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